L€€ “$CRATCH” P€RRY – untitled/ for Billboard Italia (2018)

Mr. Lee “Scratch” Perry playing a Harmonium in the woods of Switzerland.

Excerpts via Billboard Italia.

Thanks a lot to : Lee & Miri Perry & Family Assistants : Dennis Köhler  Models : Lee “Scratch” Perry


L€€ “$CRATCH” P€RRY – Studio/ for Billboard Italia (2018)

Mr. Lee “Scratch” Perry in his Studio in Switzerland.

Excerpts via Billboard Italia.

Thanks a lot to : Lee & Miri Perry & Family Assistants : Dennis Köhler Models : Lee “Scratch” Perry

Dietrich Wagner (2018)

Pics coming soon.

Dietrich Wagner is a retired engineer who suffered damage to his eyes during the 2010 Stuttgart 21 project protests due to the use of water cannons by the local police. Despite being almost blind ever since, he now demonstrates more than ever.

Jesus – Last Supper (2017)

Ralph Schulze claims he is Jesus. We both came up with the idea to stage “The last supper” , mainly geared to the famous picture by Leonardo da Vinci. But instead of representing Jesus’ 12 desciples, he wanted to replace them by his wife as Maria Magdalena and 11 people with a poor social background. To support his vision I rented a church for 1 day and paid 11 homeless people to model for me.

Ralph Schulze about the picture :
„This photo is a combination of the “last supper” from Leonardo da Vinci with the “Parable of the Great Banquet”. This parable is about a rich man inviting all the important personalities of his city to a banquet. At the last moment, all invitees say on flimsy grounds. Then the rich man sends his servants to fetch all the people from the street, so that the good food does not spoil. This photo shows the true meaning of this parable. The rich man is Jesus himself, who gives the banquet together with Mary Magdalene. The food is symbolic of the supportive, healing power of God, which he actually wanted to give to the religious and political leaders of the world. But since they have not accepted the invitation, which has lasted for decades, this power is now distributed to those who have lost touch in society, here represented by the homeless on the photo.“

Thanks a lot to : Assistant : Dennis Köhler, Videographer : Clemens Helmchen Models: Ralph Schulze, M. Magdalena, B. Bürger, R. Flicky, H. Kissmann, W. Loeffel, Lolek, E. Mahnke, K. Pridal, K. Schiddrigkeit, R. Schneider, Umer, S. Zierenberg. Berliner Wohnungslosentagesstätten “Warmer Otto”, “KLIK” and Ev. Apostel-Paulus-Kirchengemeinde, Berlin.


Bear, wolve &lil dog (2017)

A bear, a wolve and a little dog at Grazer Damm, Berlin.

Thanks a lot to : Assistants : Dennis Köhler, Jo Heeyoung Models : Wolve, Black Lhasa Apso, bear stone sculpture


Erika Eiffel – Rendezvous with the Berlin wall (2016)

Erika Eiffel about the picture : 
This photo resonates the spirit of OS and our intimate and significant relationships with the objects around us… even those misunderstood objects such as the Berlin Wall. Thank you Felix for sharing your photographic talent to capture a beautiful moment I only envisioned in my head.”

Thanks a lot to : Assistants : Dennis Köhler, Jo Heeyoung Hero : Erika Aya Eiffel Model : Fabian Neupert